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Baguette Snacks & Sandwiches ~ GC & J Sandwich

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Move over PB & J, we’re in the mood for GC & J, that’s Grilled Cheese with Jam and it’s a tasty alternative for a mid-day sweet tooth attack.

Any jam or preserve will do, but believe it or not, you absolutely must try this with marmalade. As for the bread, we recommend maple-wheat. It lends itself perfectly to any sweet concoction.

158 - 0414 - grilled cheese


1 tbsp olive oil
2 slices of maple-wheat or bread of choice
3 slices Gruyere or cheese of choice
2 tbsp of marmalade or jam of choice
Ground pepper to taste


1. Toss arugula with olive oil.
2. Top one slice of bread with Gruyere.
3. Add marmalade, arugula and ground pepper to taste.
4. Top with remaining bread slice.
5. Press down into a non-stick pan with a spatula.
6. Cover and heat over medium heat until the bread begins to brown. About 4…

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Kids Who Garden Eat More Veggies

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Children who are exposed to a variety of homegrown fruits and vegetables early on rarely become picky eaters.

According to the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, children who garden at home or school consume more fruits and vegetables than children who do not. And “Youth gardening enhances all aspects of children’s educational, social and physical development,” suggests the National Gardening Association.

158 - gardening

Gardening as part of the school curriculum offers opportunities to engage the mind far beyond the garden plot. It provides the backdrop to teach about the environment, meteorology, foods in different cultures, local history and folklore, literature, language and, of course, nutrition.

In Idaho, sixth-graders who took part in a 12-week school garden project voluntarily continued to eat twice the amount of fruit and vegetables they would normally eat well after the project had come to an end. They experienced the gardening process from beginning to end, using…

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