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Paschal’Simon MacMurray, the scribe, specializes in creative Blog and Facebook marketing through wholesome content and connections.

PS MacMurray, the artisan, creates art on a whim using fabric, paper, beads, twine and wire.

The Scribe writes because…

Language may very well be the most intricately woven structure in the universe. It fascinates me.

In first grade, on the first day of school, I was stunned by the emergence of a sudden thought I completely and instantly grasped, though I did not understand how it could exist in a seven-year-old brain. The instant we master the written and spoken word, I thought, we delve into a realm of nuances and contrasts we then use to qualify daily experiences. This can lead to community or separation. This is powerful, potentially dangerous stuff.

In high school and college, I loved the study of philosophy, rhetoric and Latin. However, by the time I attended University, I realized that the classrooms I had frequented were relatively void of books.

Upon leaving University, I filled the back seat of a rented car with great classics from the likes of Twain, Dickens, Balzac and Hugo and drove to Vermont for a solo escapade. I spent the next two weeks visiting various river banks, woods and clearings and reading, reading, reading in each peaceful setting. I emerged from this experience with a love of words and social etiquette, a love of structure and carefully crafted thought.

In all that we do, in every capacity and every industry, everything is a form of expression; everything is expression. There is no industry, no commerce, no enterprise without language.

Give me a workshop, an office, a service-oriented business, a retail store, a company president, a supervisor, a car salesman… I see the written word as training tool, diplomacy tool, organizational tool, information tool, corporate image tool and most of all, as a building block.

Paschal’Simon MacMurray ~ The Scribe